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Flamenco in Barcelona

Barcelona is NOT at all the best place to see authentic flamenco, as it’s not remotely an art form in Catalunya, but if you won’t be traveling to Madrid or Seville, there is a brand new venue created by the Cacheiro restaurant group that is destined to change the city’s poor flamenco scene. Palacio del [...]


Crema catalana»

Crema catalana (Catalan for “Catalan cream”), also known as Crema de Sant Josep, is a typical dessert of Catalonia, consisting of a custard base crème caramel and a caramelized, crisp sugar topping. It is usually served on Saint Joseph’s Day, March 19. Catalans claim that their Crema catalana is the predecessor of France’s crème brûlée, [...]

El Racò d'en Freixa ($$$$)»

Food:Contemporary, Address: Sant Elíes 22, Barcelona Chef Ramó Freixa, one of Barcelona’s established culinary lights, is taking founding father José María’s work to another level. His clever reinterpretations of traditional recipes, all made with high-quality raw ingredients, have qualified the younger Freixa’s work as cuina d’autor. One specialty is peus de porc en escabetx de [...]

Monuments in Barcelona»

GOTHIC QUARTER On foot. Approximate duration: 3 hours. The Gothic Quarter is what used to be known ago as the ‘Cathedral Quarter’. The great gothic buildings which marked the high point of the city and its culture during the Middle Ages are to be found here. Here Likewise, are the remains of the ancient fortified [...]

Some Misconceptions about Saving Money on European Trips»

Fancy a trip to Barcelona?An article in The Guardian indicated that Barcelona is one of the more affordable cities to travel to, in Europe. It is listed in the top five when it comes to two-night cost-effective trips, with The Guardian documenting the cost of accommodation, and the price of food are all affordable [...]

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